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Kamila, United Arab Emirates

GSM Box Set

Highly recommended device!

Yesterday I received my set. It was packed up well. The digital earpiece came with 5 additional batteries, which I did’t expect, very nice, tnx, Inessa) The GSM box has a detailed manual that seeems very helful. The sound is perfect, the GSM box looks durable and top-quality. Highly recommended!

18 April 2014


Patrick, United Kingdom

GSM Box Set

Created for easy exams

God bless you for creating such unique mini bluetooth earpieces! We are forbidden to take cell phones into exam room, and this spy earpiece set saved my life! Hope to use it again and again with the same easiness and successful result.

5 October 2014


Laila, Sri Lanka

Bluetooth + MP3 Set

The best device for multiple purposes

Pleasant enough that this spy set can be used not only as a spy product but also as a regular stereo headphones set. You get 3.5mm wired earphones for free. The nano earpiece is exactly as small as I wanted it to be. I love the set - it’s well-built, comfortable, excellent-sounding with a truly invisible earpiece.

19 June 2014


George, United States

Bluetooth + MP3 Set

The device is perfect and you are very helpful!

Hi there, it’s George from CA. Your spy earpiece products are the best I’ve tried. I love the ML200 friendly two-button surface, eye-catching and super small design. The spy earpiece sits securely in the ear and cannot be seen by others. The set also comes in a nice white box with a detailed manual. Your service is very helpful. I’ll definitely write you back the next time I need a new set.

7 November 2014


Manuel, Spain

Bluetooth Set

I will recommend your products to my friends!

Dear Inessa, I passed my exam yesterday with spy ear set!!! It worked perfectly from the first to the last minute. I’m writing to say thank you for the discount and for express shipping. it was great experience, I have already recommended your kind and professional service to my friends.

24 May 2014


Mohammad, India

Bluetooth Set

The earpiece has saved my life so many times...

I have used this earpiece for over a year already. And it has saved my life so many times! The Bluetooth loop is easily hidden under a T-shirt and the wireless earpiece is absolutely invisible to others when inside the ear, so not a single teacher ever suspected me, isn't that great?!!! I will recommend your products to my friends!

13 October 2014


Christian, Norway

MP3 Spy Set

Thanks to the spy earpiece now I have everything I was dreaming of.

I don't know what I would do without spy earpiece set at the end of the last semester in college. I found a job some days before exams so I had NO time for getting ready for the exams as well as I always did. Thanks to the spy earpiece now I have a good job and I finished the college as a top student in my group! Thank you so much!

14 April 2014


Marcus, Italy

MP3 Spy Set

I loved using the wireless earpiece.

Telling the truth, I’ve chosen this set because it is the cheapest one, but I don’t regret at all! The spy earphone feels comfortable, and can be worn easily for long periods of time. The loop works well with my cell phone and both MP3 players. The only inconvenience is long delivery time, I had to wait 2 weeks and that made me feel rather nervous. I wish I had chosen express delivery making an order.

27 September 2014


Alexis, France

Glasses Set

Definitely worth the money!

I received my spy earpiece set and was impressed. worth the overall quality. the glasses come in hard case, the earpiece has 2 spare batteries. i didn’t expect digital earpiece to be so small, unbelievable! so i confirm that it cannot be noticed when inside your ear. hope to pass my test easily with this super tool. thnx for perfect service!

6 August 2014

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MeGrowApp, United Kingdom

Glasses Set

Hi, Inessa, it’s Jamille from the UK! Thanks for sending my set with such urgency, it came within 3 days, just in time. Glasses look durable. Digital earpiece sounds very clear. Promise to give more detailes after the exam. Wish me good luck;)

19 November 2014


Takeshi, Japan

Watch Set

The best spy unit for guys!

I’ve chosen spy watch because I believe this is the best spy unit for guys. My professor was looking directly at the watch and didn’t suspect anything! The digital earpiece is unnoticeable as well. This set is my №1 thanks to its absolutely unsuspicious design. And many thanks for a good discount!

29 July 2014


Jorge, Panama

Watch Set

100% positive impression!

Dear Ana, I’m writing you as promised. I passed the exam with the watch and my impression is 100% positive. I could hear my friend clearly, the earpiece felt comfortable in the ear and worked well from the beginning to the end. Thank you for the discount and spending so much time giving me recommendations. You are very helpful and nice)

4 November 2014


David, United States

Pen Set

My best purchase!

It's been my third purchase at Gsm-Earpiece but definitely my best one) I can simply say, Im just amazed by the quality of this product. I had many spy sets before, but this truly indeed is my pick of them! I used it both for writing and listening to my friend, AMAZING!

9 October 2014


Azari, Algeria

Pen Set

The earpiece fulfills its task very well. Highly recommended!

In short words, the pen is durable, well-designed for the money. Some may find the sound a bit distorted, but let’s not compare with professional stereo headphones - the spy earpiece fulfills its task very well. Highly recommended!

17 January 2015