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What Is Spy Set For?

Spy products are designed especially for establishing a two-way secret communication between you and your partner over a cell phone. Each spy set includes a wireless micro earpiece and a Bluetooth/MP3 transmitter - so the spy set is ready to use.

Using a spy set with your cell phone you can secretly listen through the wireless earpiece to what your partner is saying. And your partner can hear you thanks to a sensitive microphone inside the Bluetooth transmitter. There are no cables or wires between your cell phone and a Gsm covert earpiece. So nobody will notice that you are getting help!


The micro spy earpiece set is irreplacable in the situations when secret assistance is necessary, for example:

  • For passing exams or tests without preparation.
    Passing at first try is now posible without filling up your head with loads of unnecessary data. Your partner will provide you with all the necessary information over the cell phone in real time. Or you can simply record all the necessary information on your MP3 in advance, and then just push Play button to make use of it.
  • For running a business meeting or a conference.
    If you are a businessman or lecturer, you can receive the necessary prompts from your assistant in real time. Thanks to the earpiece you will not get into embarrassing situations when you are stumped for an answer.
  • For making persuasive public speech.
    Spy earpiece set will help you look confident in front of your audience because you will never sight-read your speech again. Your assistant will make sure you get all your arguments in time.
  • For security and surveillance purposes.
    If you are a security guard, the tiny and invisible earpiece is a must for your effective work. This wireless device helps you get and give instructions to your co-workers and stay intermingled with the crowd. With the earpiece you will keep the situation under control even at the most challenging moment.
  • For performing in public.
    Spy devices are irreplaceable for any host of the show or an actor. The invisible earpiece and your team will help you instantly if you need some help. No mistakes, no unnecessary agitation, only successful and confident performance!

You will always know what to say with the GSM Earpiece set!

We offer you a wide range of spy devices including Bluetooth and MP3 transmitters and several types of micro earpieces. Take a look at our assortment and choose the spy set according to your preferences on Products page.

Our spy devices work with all cell phone featuring Bluetooth and with any MP3 players. To learn more about its operating principle visit How It Works page.

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