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Bluetooth Set

Best-Seller! The Smallest Bluetooth Earpiece for Easy Exam!

spy bluetooth set
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Instead we offer you our best-selling Bluetooth Set.


Spy Bluetooth Set is a traditional best-selling exam gadget that guarantees invisible two-way communication between you and your assistant during tests, examinations or conferences.

The spy set includes Bluetooth transmitter, micro earpiece and charger. Bluetooth transmitter looks like a cable loop that is put around the neck and gets hidden under your clothes so that nodody can see it. As a result, using this smallest bluetooth earpiece you can talk secretly without anybody knowing of that!

Works with
spy earpiece
Spy Earpiece

Natural beige color and small dimensions make spy earpiece absolutely invisible. It has got an audio channel+ filter and an invisible ejection cord for easy pulling the earpiece out.

Working hours: up to 6

Size: 12 mm L × 5.5 mm W × 5.5 mm H

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nano earpiece
Nano Earpiece

Completely unnoticeable due to natural nude color. The latest nano technologies are implemented. It features audio channel with a filter and ejection cord for removing the earpeace easily.

Working hours: up to 7

Size: 8 mm L × 4.4 mm W × 4.4 mm H

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digital earpiece
Digital Earpiece

This is the smallest earpiece ever. Thanks to ergonomic design it's 100% safe for you. Superior sound and the longest battery life. Ejection cord for comfortable removing.

Working hours: up to 8

Size: 8 mm L × 4.2 mm W × 4.2 mm H

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Earpieces Comparison
Earpieces Comparison

Micro Earpiece - Absolutely Invisibile & Undetectable!

The micro earpiece is a wireless ear that is highly useful in troublesome situations when you need some secret help. Thanks to this tiny and undetectable gadget you can talk to your partner covertly, and nobody will notice that you are getting help. This earpiece is the most popular wireless ear piece type due to its quality, price and performance characteristics.

The micro earpiece looks like a small bean. It has got an audio channel that functions as a filter, a special place for a battery, and an invisible ejection cord for easy pulling the earphone out. The earphone is designed to be fully hidden inside the ear.

Advantages of the Micro Earpiece:

  • Dimensions.
    The size of the micro earpiece are 0.45 inches (1cm) of length, 0.2 inches (0,55cm) of width and 0.2 inches (0,55cm) of height, which makes it undetectable inside your ear.
  • Work hours.
    According to the manufacturer, the earpiece can work up to 6 hours without changing the battery, which is enough for exam, negotiation or public speech.
  • Battery.
    This type of the wireless earpiece works with the battery LR 521 that is widely used in electronic devices and can be purchased in every supermarket of the world.
  • Color.
    Due to natural beige color of the spy covert earpiece, it is absolutely invisibile when inside your ear.
  • Design.
    This earphone features ergonomic design that makes it maximally comfortable and safe for you and your ear. Besides, the spy earphone is wireless - no cords or wires between the ear and your cell phone.

Due to incorrect usage of the micro earpiece, it may fail to work. That is why it is essential for every customer to know how to use the smallest bluetooth micro earpiece correctly.

How to Use the Micro Earpiece correctly

Before using this wireless earpiece, clean the ear canal properly. Otherwise the filter gets filled with earwax and the earpiece will fail to work. That's why we highly recommend you not to disregard this step!

Then put the battery into the spy wireless earpiece.

Make sure that the plus pole of the battery is directed towards outer side, while the minus pole looks at the filter.

If the battery is inserted correctly, you will hear slight hissing sound, which will disappear as soon as you make or receive a phone call.

Once the exam or meeting is over, you can easily pull the earpiece out with the help of a special ejection cord.

Remove the battery by pushing it through a hole with a paper pin or a needle.

Do not forget to clean the filter after having used the earphone. Use moistened cotton wool for proper cleaning.

Super Effective Nano Earpiece For Spy Communication

The nano earpiece is a new and highly popular offer on the market of spy gadgets. It is especially useful for situations when secret communication is necessary - for exams, tests, conferences, for security purposes or just for fun.

The earpiece is as small as a bean. On the one hand it has an audio channel with a filter, and on the other end it features a special place for a tiny battery. You can also see the ejection string that lets you remove the tool from your ear fast and easily.

The nano wireless earpiece is developed on the basis of the latest advantages in nano technology that has made it possible to design it so small and to improve its performance characteristics. In comparison with a standard spy version the nano ear piece has a series of advantages.

Advantages of the Micro Earpiece:

  • Size.
    The major difference between the spy and nano wireless earpiece consists in dimensions. The nano version is 0.3 inch/8 mm long, 0.17 inch/4.4 mm wide and 0.17 inch/4.4 mm high. Such a small size makes the earphone invisible when it is completely hidden inside your ear. Besides, the nano ear piece is preferred by people who are afraid to use the ordinary spy ear that is larger.
  • Sound Quality.
    Thanks to the application of the latest nano technologies this type of the earphone provides excellent sound quality. It guarantees good audibility even in noisy locations. You will hear every word of your partner regardless of the surroundings.
  • Work Time.
    The nano earphone can work up to 7 hours, while the spy version works only 5 or 6 hours. Anyway, as students' experience shows, an average examination time for one person equals maximum 3 hours so whichever type of the earpiece you choose, you will doubtlessly have reliable connection as long as you need.
  • Battery.
    Another difference consists in the battery type. We manufacture nano earphones that work not only on the standard battery LR 521 but also on the smaller and more effective Sony Type 337 battery. When you make an order, we include into your package a set of these batteries for your earpiece. In case you need more, you can order them or simply buy it in any local store in your country.
  • Color.
    The nano ear piece has natural nude color that is very close to the color of skin. Thanks to it the nano earpiece becomes absolutely undetectable when it is inside your ear. Only you and your partner will know about secret assistance.
  • Design.
    Thanks to ergonomic design, the nano earphone is easily inserted inside the ear and is absolutely safe to use. Moreover, it is made of high-quality European materials and cannot do you any harm even if you use the earpiece very often and long.

Improved and Tiny Digital Earpiece for Your Success

The new and highly popular spy device for passing exams, making public speeches and for security purposes is the digital earpiece. This tiny tool is ideal for establishing secret communication by a cell phone. The connection between the earpiece and the cell phone is wireless, so nobody will notice that you are getting secret help!

This earphone is based on the newest technology iZdig that makes the earpiece a very popular offer on the market of spy gadgets. iZdig major and absolutely new features are longest work time ever, tiny size, noise canceling capabilities and ergonomic design. The new ear type differs from the previously developed earphones by its effectiveness, performance characteristics and design.

Advantages of the Digital Earpiece:

  • Work Time.
    The major advantage of the digital earpiece is its long working hours. The earphone can work unbelievable 8 hours without changing a battery. With every hour the quality of sound doesn't decrease. And the longest test or exam in your life is not a problem any more as the new digital ear piece will work perfectly as long as you need it.
  • Dimensions.
    The new digital ear piece is the smallest earpiece ever created. It is only 0.3 inch/8 mm long, 0.15 inch/4.2 mm wide and 0.15 inch/4.2 mm high. Due to such a small size the earphone cannot be seen even from a very short distance when it is inside your ear. By the way, the digital earpiece weights less than 10 grams!
  • Design.
    Our specialists pay close attention towards importance of the fit between a person and technology. In the result of their scrupulous work the digital earphone has got ergonomic design - the specifically designed casing of the earphone replicates the shape of ear canal and its long wearing is 100% harmless to your health.
  • Quality.
    We highly recommend you not to buy spy gadgets at questionable online stores where Chinese spy sets of poor quality are sold. Every detail of our digital earpiece is made from European materials and meets all the standards of quality.
  • Sound.
    The quality of sound of the digital earpiece is crystally clear. You will have no hissing or poor connection problems. The earphone features advanced shielding effect from noise and interference, so you can hear perfectly everything your partner is dictating no matter how noisy the surrounding is. And vice versa, your friend will hear you perfectly even if you whisper.
  • Battery.
    We offer digital wireless earpieces that can work on two most widespread and effective types of batteries - Sony Type 337 and LR521 battery. We include several additional batteries in the package when you make an order. When you need new batteries, you can order them or simply buy the new ones in your local shop.
  • Color.
    Black color of the digital earpiece looks invisible inside the ear canal and seems completely undetectable. Easy and troubleless exam are real now thanks to the digital ear piece!

The digital earpiece was designed in 2011. In the year 2012 the invention and the new iZdig technology has received the Patent and has become a true sensation on the market of spy gadgets. Micro size, ergonomic design and interference shielding mean that Digital earpiece is the innovation of the future that is available now!

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spy bluetooth set spy bluetooth set spy bluetooth set spy bluetooth set spy bluetooth set spy bluetooth set
How does it works?

Spy Bluetooth Set is a user-friendly device, so you can make use of it just following 3 simple steps below:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your cell phone and transmitter, and pair the two devices.
  2. Put the spy earpiece inside your ear.
  3. Receive or make a phone call to your partner to set up secret communication.

Having set up the connection you get a two-way invisible communication with your partner. You will hear your friend through the earpiece into your ear, and he will hear you through the in-built microphone.

If you need more information about how to use spy set, read the manual or watch the video guidance below:


Features & Advantages
  • Suits for all cell phones featuring Bluetooth;
  • Superior European quality;
  • Compact hi-tech design;
  • The smallest Bluetooth earpiece on the market;
  • All the necessary buttons are conveniently located on the surface;
  • Crystally clear sound.
Customer Reviews
Dear Inessa, I passed my exam yesterday with spy ear set!!! It worked perfectly from the first to the last minute. I’m writing to say thank you for the discount and for express shipping. it was great experience, I have already recommended your kind and professional service to my friends.
I have used this earpiece for over a year already. And it has saved my life so many times! The Bluetooth loop is easily hidden under a T-shirt and the wireless earpiece is absolutely invisible to others when inside the ear, so not a single teacher ever suspected me, isn't that great?!!! I will recommend your products to my friends!
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