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How to Successfully Assist Your Friend in Cheating on Exam?

Not a single person underestimates today the value of strong knowledge. However there are situations when your friend cannot get ready for an exam because of some personal reasons. And the best solution to the problem can be cheating in exam with the help of a spy earpiece.

The spy earpiece is an uncommon and most advanced way of cheating on exam. This method has proved its efficiency in the most puzzling situations and has won huge popularity throughout the world. Our customers, who have already used the spy earpiece, are glad to share with you their experience and helpful tips on how to help your friend in cheating on exam with the secret earpiece.

Practice Properly Before Exam

For your friend it’s essential to have a person who can make sure that the spy earpiece cannot be seen by others once hidden inside the ear. Otherwise your friend will feel too nervous and thus suspicious while cheating in exam.

It’s also recommended to adjust the volume of the spy earpiece beforehand. For that go in separate rooms and try to establish the conversation. At the same time you can try to dictate something to your friend, to find the best speed and practice special signals for cheating on exam.

Invent Secret Signals

You must have seen students who look suspicious and strange when cheating on exam – they sneeze or cough which is too evident. Your task is to invent secret signals that won’t be obvious and suspicious to others. Some experienced students advise to carefully tap at the transmitter the agreed number of times or press a certain button on the cell phone placed in the pocket (avoid pressing Reject button).

And don’t forget to denote with your special signals the actions you might need during examination, e.g. repeat, speak quieter or louder, faster or more slowly, yes or no, etc.

Prepare Necessary Materials Beforehand

To dictate the answer to your friend rapidly and in time you need to have all the necessary materials prepared and well organized. It would also be perfect if you knew a bit of the subject so that to orientate better in a huge array of new information.

Essential Tips on Effective Dictating


You are the leading person in the situation and a major part of success depends on you. So here are for you some tips on successful assistance to your friend in cheating on exam:

  • Find a quiet place where to dictate
  • Choose the main information and don’t dictate everything, be exact and fast to react
  • Dictate clearly and legibly because your friend won’t be able to clarify the heard information all the time
  • Be attentive to all secret signals from your friend
  • Don’t panic. If you haven’t understood the signal from your friend, repeat or ask him again, but never stop interacting with your partner
  • Listen to what is happening in the lecture room during cheating in exam

Using one of invisible Spy Sets and following our tips you will help your friend out of the most terrible exam in his student life. Or if you are the one who ia going to pass exam with the spy earpiece, read our guidance for successful cheating on exam.

Good luck to both of you!

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