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Pass Exam Easily without Preparation!

Spy Set is an exclusive high-quality device that guarantess invisible wireless communication between you and your partner during exams or tests. Thanks to the spy earpiece you can secretly hear to your friend giving you answers to exam questions. And your partner can hear your voice and even whisper through the highly sensitive microphone in the spy transmitter.

In the result you get invisible secret two-way communication and easy exam passing without prior preparation!

Guidance on How to Use Spy Sets on Exams

Every spy product is a ready-to-use set that includes a wireless earpiece and a spy trasnmitter that can be connected to your cell phone. To pass exam easily with the spy set follow simple guidance below:

  • Set up Bluetooth connection between the spy transmitter and your cell phone. To do that switch on Bluetooth on your cell phone and transmitter and pair the two devices.
  • Put on spy transmitter. If you use a standard transmitter loop, it should be put around your neck and hidden properly under your clothes. In case you have one of advanced spy sets - Spy Watch, Glasses or Pen, simply use it as real watch, glasses or pen.
  • Insert spy earpiece into you ear. After inserting a new battery put the earpiece into your ear. It should be inserted far enough to be invisible for others but make sure its position is comfortable for you.
  • Start phone conversation with your partner. Before entering exam room make/receive a phone call and establish connection with your partner. Put the phone into your pocket or bag because you don't need it anymore.

Following these simple steps you will set up secret communication and pass the harshest exam with no efforts! Let us take care of your exams, Order Spy set now and enjoy success!

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