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How to pass exam without preparation? Watch short video!

How to Pass Exam with Spy Earpiece?

How to Pass Exam with Spy Earpiece?
  1. Put the earpiece into your ear to hear prompts secretly.
  2. Connect your cell phone via Bluetooth with transmitter featuring sensitive microphone.
  3. Make a phone call to your friend with laptop and books who will be giving you replies to exam questions.
  4. You hear assistant through earpiece and your assistant hears you through transmitter microphone.
  5. Write down received information and pass exam easily!
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Clients Testimonials

God bless you for creating such unique mini bluetooth earpieces! We are forbidden to take cell phones into exam room, and this spy earpiece set saved my life! Hope to use it again and again with the same easiness and successful result.

Patrick, GB

What is spy set for?

Spy earpiece set is a multifunctional device that is highly useful in any situation when you need secret assistance. The spy earpiece has the highest popularity among students who use it at exams and tests. It’s really helpful as you do not need to fill the head with unnecessary data.

However exams and tests are not the only cases when you may need a spy set. Successful businessmen and speakers also use it frequently.

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How does spy set work?

Spy products are ready-to-use sets including a micro earpiece and a Bluetooth transmitter with an in-built microphone. The transmitter connects to your cell phone wirelessly via Bluetooth. And the earpiece is inserted into the ear.

In the result, you set up two-way wireless and 100% invisible communication that cannot be noticed by anyone around. You can speak with your friend without taking a cell phone in your hands and hear him thanks to the hidden spy earpiece.

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