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I have used this earpiece for over a year already. And it has saved my life so many times! The Bluetooth transmitter gets easily hidden under the clothes and the wireless earpiece is absolutely invisible to others, so not a single teacher ever suspected me, isn't that great?!!! Jeremy Brown, UK

I don't know what I would do without the covert earpiece at the end of the last semester in college. I found a job some days before exams so I had NO time for getting ready for the exams as well as I always did. Thanks to the spy covert earpiece now I have a good job and I finished the college as a top student in my group! Thank you so much!Sarah Jordan, USA

I've been working as a security guard for about 20 years. And lately we decided to upgrade our outdated radio transmitters with gsm micro earpiece sets. I must admit that efficiency of our work has significantly improved. I will recommend your service to my collegues from other security companies. Konstantinos Karavatas, Greece